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How do you take professional newborn baby pictures at home?

Oct 4

To capture amazing images of your baby, you don't need to be a professional photographer like Alyssa Orrego Photography. You can capture your baby's special and everyday moments with a few tips. These photos will be treasured for the rest of your life. It is essential to keep these things in mind to get the best baby photoshoot Victoria bc

Find the best light for your home.

Professional-quality portraits are not made with fancy equipment. It is the proper lighting that makes them possible. Each house is blessed with a great lighting source, which can vary throughout the day. It is essential to find soft lighting that flatters your baby, not harsh shadows. These are some tips to help you find it.

  • Turn off any lamps or electric lights. They can create shadows and alter the skin's color. If you switch off electric lights and use natural daylight, your photos will look professional.
  • Place your camera next to the windows. The light should be bright but soft. You might consider shooting near windows that don't get direct sunlight.
  • Make sure you check your direction. A west-facing window will provide good light in the morning. A window facing east will give good light during the afternoon.
  • Use north light whenever possible. Your photos will look great at all times of the day if your window faces north. North windows let the sunshine in and make baby skin glow beautifully.
  • Hold your hand in the area you are interested to see the light. If the light in your hand is soft, you are likely in a good spot.

Select the perfect background

The professional-looking background is essential for photos. However, you don't have to take all your pictures off the walls or clean the area where you will take them. You can instead find the perfect blanket, sheet or piece of fabric. Although small patterns are acceptable, solids will give you the best results. You should choose a color that is not too bright and not too dark or light as your baby's skin. This will make your baby stand out from the background.

You can create a "Studio at Home."

Once you have chosen a location with good light, it is time to create your "studio" for photos. You don't need any special equipment. Although this studio setup looks more like a blanket fort than a professional building, it will still produce similar professional-level results. A large blanket will be needed to create a backdrop, along with some dining room chairs and a few clips or clamps. 

Choose simple outfits

Professional photographers will tell you what to wear when you take portraits. The advice is straightforward, and you can choose the perfect outfit without professional help. You should choose clothing that is not too fussy or busy because too many patterns and ruffles could compete with your baby's attention in the final image. You can choose a plain, solid-colored top or let your baby wear a diaper.

Keep Poses Simple

Simple poses can frustrate babies. You can have your infant lying down on a blanket or in a basket if they are very young. You can also have older babies sit in front of your background to get the best results. Regardless of what you do, ensure your baby is facing the sun so that it reflects on their faces.

Edit your baby photos like a professional

Professional photographers don't simply hand you the photos they take. They go through every image and select the best. They then edit the photos to enhance their beauty. Many options are available, depending on whether your camera is a smartphone or a DSLR. Snapseed, a smartphone app that allows you to enhance photos in a matter of seconds, can be used to do so. You can edit your pictures using the included photo program or Adobe Lightroom. 

Record All of Your Baby's Milestones

You will improve your ability to take professional photos of your baby if you spend more time with them. You will be ready to capture milestones like sitting up for the first time. And you'll not hesitate to grab your camera to take smash cake photos on their first birthday. You can practice achieving pro-level results.