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Newport Residences was purchased for an average of 77% prior to the launch

Jul 6

Newport Residences buildings will be the first Executive Condominium (EC) located in Tengah Garden Walk. Taurus Properties is the company that won the bid among seven bidders for the executive condominium (EC) site at Tengah Estate.

Taurus Properties can be described as an Joint Venture of CDL Development Limited (CDL) and MCL Land.

City Developments Limited is an international real estate firm with a presence in over 104 cities and thirty countries and regions. It is among the most prominent local developers that have securities listed at Singapore in the Singapore Exchange. The company has a range of portfolios of businesses such as shops, office space hotels and other facilities which are integrated, together with homes and residential properties that are commercial and residential structures that are serviced.

MCL Land is a well-known residential developer who is always trying to improve its services . It is also committed to providing the highest quality of service to its customers. MCL Land believes in creating innovative and new solutions for homes that make sure that homeowners can enjoy their work and play. In the past fifty decades, MCL Land has established an image of providing top homes top-quality in Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is located in Singapore in Singapore and Malaysia.

Newport Residences is the following collaborative EC release that will be available in 2022. Customers are likely to receive the best quality kitchen appliances and kitchen surfaces in The New Port Residences EC, that is anticipated to hit its highest level in 2026.

New Port Residences are a excellent option for families trying to find the perfect balance between their work and their families. The property is located in the contemporary Forest Town, Tengah, residents are able to take advantage of numerous amenities for community use as well as sports in Tengah that is also the capital of. Tengah was the initial HDB town built using the most modern technology and can be accessed across the town as well as across 5 distinct district. The brand-new EC is located in district 24, close to it's Tengah Garden Walk.

The executive home is within a short drive of two minutes of Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Kranji Expressway (KJE) which is situated just 10 minutes of New Port Residences. New Port Residences. The property is located near and close to the Tengah Plantation MRT (JE1) station. The station will simplify the process for homeowners and buyers of houses. This line is expected to run through Jurong Regional Line Phase 2. It is anticipated to be completed by 2028.

There are many schools located in the area. The most notable is DaZhong elementary school Jurong Primary School as well as Princess Elizabeth Primary School. Rulang Primary School and Shuqun Primary School.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has launched a tender to invite bids for Tengah Garden Walk EC on November 26th in 2020. The tender was open to bids of seven bids. The tender ended on May 25th at 2021. Taurus Properties Ltd. Pte. Ltd. was the winner of the auction, winning its bid at $400,318,000, which is $603.00psf for each sq ft (per sq. area ). This is ft/plot ).The Total area 22,020.8 meters equivalent to 2,031,89 Sqft will result in 120 dwelling units. These include 12 towers that are higher than the 14th floor.

Taurus Properties, a joint partnership comprised fifty-fifty between City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land won the tender for the project, with an estimated cost of 0.03% compared to the next bid. New Port Residences EC is their second collaboration with MCL Land for 2022 after the success of the launch in Piccadilly Grand, which launched 7/5/2022. The development was bought for an average of 77% over the weekend before the official launch. In the week prior to the event, remarkable results can be observed in the fact that 77% of the development was sold in only two days.

CDL & MCL are looking at different ways to cooperate that could yield a profit in the in the near the future. Port residents from EC.

The New Port Residences at Tengah is designed to be contemporary and contemporary. The 639 residences are equipped with the most recent technology for homes, stunning kitchen appliances, bathroom fittings and the latest air conditioning systems. The house is equipped with at least one bedroom and can be used by families of any size.

The new EC offers areas that allow you to have fun with family members and relatives. Residents have access to various amenities to enhance their health and enjoy themselves in different locations. Port Residences is the latest added feature to the. Port Residences can create the perfect space for hosting events, using the kitchen and dining areas that can be used to host cooking classes, or for other activities. Other facilities include tennis courts as well as several pools, one of which measures 50 meters and also has pet play areas as well as a play area for children , as well as an area for games, that includes darts as well with game table. There is a games area which is where you can host events and rooms for games where residents can host celebrations and engage guests of all ages from toddlers to senior citizens.

New Port Residences is the first EC located in Tengah, The Forest Town. It's located in It is located within it's own Tengah Garden Walk situated inside District 24. It was once a vast expanse of scrubland and forests and was used for training soldiers. Although it's difficult to access, Tengah, The Forest Town is a fantastic place for living in. It gives the residents within NewPort Residences EC. Tengah is covered with lush greenery and has five distinct areas for residential living each with its distinctive characteristics. It is believed to be the first "car-free" urban area in the world, offering the safety of a place to cycle or walk. Tengah residents Tengah will be split into five distinct districts, each having distinctive characteristics. The districts consist of Garden District. Plantation District, Forest Hill District., Park District and Brickland District.